Welcome to InReach’s Training and Development Department!

As a staff member of InReach, you are classified as an employee or Independent Contractor (IC). For many of you, this may be your first time in your career that you are working as an IC. InReach’s Human Resources Department has made great strides to ensure that both our employee’s and IC’s needs are well taken care of. We receive many calls in reference to training, CMS and iSolved. Below are some key points that will clear up any confusion as it relates to training and our IC’s and employees.

Independent Contractors (IC)

An independent contractor is a person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement.

Our IC’s are registered through Contractor Management Services (CMS). This database is a one-stop online link for all work-related needs, such as reporting your time worked for payment.  It is also where your training information is stored.  As a courtesy, we offer advance notification for all mandatory certifications. IC’s receive notifications up to 90 days prior to the expiration date for that certification.

When you receive notification by email, please make sure to read the entire e-mail, as it states the expiration date and also gives information on how to upload a copy of a certificate (if you are in possession of one).  Please make sure to plan on attending all necessary classes before your expiration date. Failure to complete trainings in a timely manner will result in suspension and loss of pay and possible disciplinary action until you have satisfied the mandatory requirements.


An employee is an individual who works part-time or full-time with a work agreement, whether oral or written, express or implied, and has recognized rights and duties.

Most people work as an employee for an organization.  InReach employees are covered by the applicable state and federal workplace laws.  As an employee of InReach, you are required to maintain proper certifications in order to continue to work with our customers.  Employee information is stored online in iSolved.  There you can view certification expiration dates, pay stubs, a training calendar and many more options to meet your needs.

Employees receive notifications up to 60 days in advance from iSolved to inform them of upcoming expiration dates.  Please make sure that you pay close attention to the expiration date so that you can make arrangements to complete the training requirement by the due date. Failure to complete trainings will result in suspension, loss of pay. and possible disciplinary action.

CMS or ISolveD?

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: As an Independent Contractor of InReach your lifeline is CMS. If you are having issues gaining access to your CMS account, or need general assistance in reference to your account, please contact them directly at 800-742-7508.  InReach cannot make changes to your personal profile in CMS. Please keep in mind if you change email accounts, phone numbers or addresses you will need to go into CMS and change it. (You must also notify InReach of any changes to personal information so our records will be current.) 

Please Note: CMS accounts are managed by the Independent Contractor; we cannot go in and access or alter a contractor's personal information in CMS. Remember, this is your lifeline between you and InReach, so please take time to learn and get to know the capabilities of CMS.

EMPLOYEES: As an employee of InReach, your lifeline is iSolved. Your personal and work information is stored in iSolved. You may view your pay information, certification expiration dates, calendars and many more pertinent documents and information that you will find helpful as an employee.

Many of you have expressed frustration about not being able to access your iSolved account.  As a HIPAA-compliant software company, they make sure that our information is safely guarded.  Some of the safety requirments include verifying the internet address of the workstation you are accessing iSolved from.  So that means when you go from one computer to another, or if you access the internet from different locations, it will lock you out and prompt you to reset your password.  If you cannot get in following the prompts, please contact the Human Resources Department to get your account reset.  You can also contact iSolved directely at 855-580-0583.

If you have any changes in your personal information, please inform the HR team so that we have correct current information and can update it in iSolved. iSolved will send you email reminders of your upcoming expirations for certification. Please plan to complete your training by the expiration date.

Meet the Team

Rhonda Boyd - InReach Training and Development Coordinator
Beth James - InReach Human Resources Director
Curtis Overcash - NCI, Person Centered Thinking, Personal Care, Defensive Driving, Blood Borne Pathogens, Agency
Orientation (Charlotte and Monroe)
Grace Caskey (Contractor) - First Aid, CPR (Charlotte, onsite and offsite)
Carlester Massey - (InReach Support Coordinator and PT Instructor)- First Aid, CPR (Charlotte and Monroe)
Toresa Watson - Medication Administration (Charlotte office)
Briana Nicholson - Medication Administration (Charlotte and Monroe)